Let's Talk Property Management: Vendors

LetsTalkPMVendors.com is a directory of vendors who provide advertising, technology, marketing, and business products or services to rental property owners and property management professionals. Lets Talk Property Management: Vendors is an extension of Let's Talk Property Management free social network. The property management industry vendors listed in this directory are members of the LetsTalkPM.com community who offer products and services you can use to attract, evaluate, and oversee tenants, to track and manage rental properties, and to systemetize and grow your property management business.

Rental Listing Sites

Where Should I Advertise My Rental Property Vacancies?

There are a variety of rental listings sites and it can often be difficult to choose where to post your vacancies. Some sites cater specifically to the needs of professional property management companies, while others offer pricing and packages that meet the needs of individual rental property owners / landlords.

Technology Solutions

How Can I Use Technology to Better Manage my Rentals?

Using Internet and software technologies will help you more accurately track rental property cashflow, screen prospective tenants, communicate with rental property owners, and ensure compliance with rental property management regulations.

Marketing Services

What kinds of Marketing Strategies Will Help Me Grow my Business?

Define your property management company identity. Communicate consistently and effectively with your clients and prospects. Grow your business through partnerships and referrals. Develop a company website that attracts qualified prospects. Build solid relationships that ensure satisfied clients. Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

Business Tools

How Can I Systematically Manage My Rental Property Business?

Successful property management companies create, document, and implement systems that maximize efficiency and ensure compliance with local and federal Fair Housing regulations. These pm industry vendors provide tools and templates for creating replicable processes for managing your rental properties.


Which Rental Management Organizations Should I Consider?

Professional organizations provide professional property managers and individual landlords with ongoing educational opportunities, guidance, and support resources. These organizations help you stay up to date with the most recent legal requirments surrounding landlord-tenant law, new governmental regulations, and give you opportunities to learn to better manage investment properties.